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Sports tiding was established relatively recently to fill in a void in the sporting industry. The Asian and International Sporting Industry is evolving very fast and opportunities are abundant.

La Liga – The Spanish League and the Barclays Premier League are among the most televised and watched football leagues around the world. Sports tiding deliver accurate match analysis in real time so that you never miss anything from all the Major International Football leagues.

This website lives to bring you the latest news, fixtures, results and local gossip.

Local Gossip

I recently heard a conversation in the train on my way home and was totally dumbfounded.

These old lady’s were discussing how is it possible for a football superstar to earn millions of dollars and one especially sharp tongued one said it was all a marketing gimmick – like the WWE she said.

I whispered to myself that, if only she knew that a recent survey on Gambling in the UK reports gambling earned £12.6 billion by the third quarter of 2015. Of this amount only 29% was from online gambling and almost £9 billion from sports wagers.

She won the argument but missed the point by many miles. Just imagine what you could earn from making odds after finishing high school. The opportunities she was dismissing are real and affect all of us. Let’s embrace sport.

Sports Tiding Blogs

At sports tiding we realize the opportunities that are alive in the sporting industry. I for one am not a serious or fanatic fan but I live, breathe and constantly think about this website. Our blogs is filled with all manner of articles related to sport – including education, opportunities, gossip and much more.

Join us and contribute or comment and together let us make sporting fun locally and beyond.

News Analysts on

While this website is not an odds maker we use a very reliable RSS Feed to bring you all the best and most reliable game and player prediction from top analysts around the world.

While some people prefer to bet strictly on odds, you will be surprised to find some of these professional analysts are in fact hired by odds makers. They can give very decent predictions just with the information they have on clubs, players and leagues over the years.

Sports Tiding and Virtual Sports

There is big money in virtual sports and many especially young people enjoy taking part in these games and online events. At sports tiding we are committed to delivering the best analysis, news and update son virtual sports.

E-sports and online games have a large following as it is and attract revenue of $325 million in 2015. Betting projections suggest that by 2020 fans will be spending $23 billion on virtual bets – the royalties are real though and quite significant considering the mind blowing sum.

Play tech is another of the rapidly rising virtual sports and casino betting sites with revenue in the region of €177 million accounting for 52% of the virtual betting revenue across several European nations.