Portugal vs France Euro 2016 Final

Portugal vs France Euro 2016 Final

Portugal vs France Euro 2016 Final

From 10th June to 10th July football fans around the world have been enjoying following matches in one of the mega football tournament in Europe. The Portugal vs France Euro 2016 is about to come to a close and it will be another four years before successful teams take to the field again. In this Euro 2016 final France the host country will take on Portugal in what promises to be a very exciting encounter. Like many finals in major tournaments it is difficult to predict the team that will carry the day. More often than not finals are tense and tactical as each team struggles to gain the advantage early in the match.

Though it is difficult to decide on the outcome of the game match analysts have made some useful observations that could help in predicting the outcome. The Portugal vs France will give France the advantage owing to the home crowd and ground advantage. However, the French team manager appears to have struggles with an optimum playing system throughout the tournament. The French manager has often switched between two set ups almost all through the tournament. On the other hand the Portugal team manager has maintained a consistent setup all through the tournament. The Portugal team manager has used a system with a four man defense and diamond midfield all through. While France is the favorite for the final the formats used on pitch could lead the game either way.

In addition to playing formats the status of major players could also change the pace or outcome of the final. For instance, Ronaldo has featured in the Portugal side for a number of years many of which had him play alongside teammates with much less skill. Given this may be his last shot at winning the Euro trophy there is no telling how his performance and morale could boost the Portuguese side in this hotly contested UEFA Euro 2016 game.

Also based on the historic data from encounters involving France and Portugal, it would appear that France has a better chance at coming out victors. In their last 10 encounters France has always been victorious with Portugal carrying the day last in 1975. Portugal will also have to contend with the worries of playing an injury prone central defender, Pepe. Pepe missed the semifinal with a thigh injury and his injury could cost the team dearly like it did in the 2014 finals. His replacement is Bruno Alves whose age and pace could deal a big blow to the Portuguese team.

The wiping of accumulated cards after the quarterfinal will be beneficial to both teams. The cards issued before the quarterfinal will be excluded and should ensure that no team has to sit players on the bench owing to suspension. Whatever the case it is expected that this like many other international finals will be a match that will be decided by a single goal. Though Spain hoisted the trophy in 2012 with a 4-0 win the last three World Cup finals and two Euros have been decided by a single goal.

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