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Baltimore Orioles All-Star Manager

Baltimore Orioles, American major league baseball team situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The team, which would later become the Baltimore Orioles was originally established in 1894 as a junior league club called the Brewers. It was then moved to Baltimore and remained there for the next eight seasons playing at what is now called Orioles Park. During those days the team used the name of the city itself. The current name for this venue is Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

In the early years of the franchise, the team was led by a man named Joerid Mickele, who was an avid baseball player and a two-year letterman for the Chicago White Sox. He was also an avid football and basketball fan. He believed that the Baltimore baseball team should be given a name similar to the city and even thought about getting the name of the city “The Orioles” changed to “The Baltimore O’s.” However, he was told by a higher up that such a move could lead to the team being dropped into the American League because of a violation of the league’s dress code.

However, after two years the team was moved back to Baltimore. There were a number of reasons which led to this decision. The first was that Maryland was ready to begin another push into the American League. The second reason was that Baltimore was the home of the baseball club for the newly formed American Professional Baseball League or A baseball team based out of Baltimore. The Baltimore Orioles played out the course of two seasons in what is now known as the American League, before moving back into their home stadium at Camden Yards.

One man who was very instrumental in changing the fortunes of the Baltimore Orioles was the late Gene Alvin Veck. He was the owner of the team, and it was due to his efforts that the Baltimore Orioles was able to remain in the American league for a full five seasons. His strong connection with the powers that be helped the team to achieve such great success.

What most fans do not realize is that the late Gene Alvin Vecko was not just a baseball player, but also an extremely popular well-known person. As owner of the Baltimore Orioles, he was even more respected than the legendary manager Joe Girard. Even today, the influence of Vecko lives on in the form of the Baltimore Orioles’ primary logo, the logo that has been synonymous with the Baltimore Orioles since they moved to America from England. The famous omen for the American League was the black and white plaid design. It was modified somewhat later to become a gold-colored plaid, and it is this design that you can still see proudly displayed on the front of the Baltimore Orioles’ home jersey.

It was not long after the move to America that the Baltimore Orioles experienced a major upset in their divisional series against the New York Yankees. After a promising start to the series, in which they beat the New York Yankees 5-4, the Yankee juggled their lineup the following day and placed Lou Gehrig on the disabled list. This decision nearly cost the pennant for the American League, as it meant that the Baltimore Orioles would have to win either the first or second game of the American League Championship Series. Both teams struggled mightily, but the Baltimore Orioles held on to win the series in the end.

One year later, the New York Yankees was the heavy favorites to win the World Series. Thanks in large part to the trade that sent designated hitter Alex Rodriguez to New York, the Bronx Bombers became a World Champion team in four games. The addition of Alex Rodriguez to the lineup seemed to energize the offense, which reached new highs in scoring, hitting, and running scores. It is those continued onslaughts of offense that have carried the Baltimore Orioles into their current victory over the Toronto Bluejays in the playoffs.

Manager Joe Girardi has put together an excellent staff with several All-Star caliber players. But for as great as these players are, there is no replacement for the steady hand of Ray Lewis. For all of the success that Baltimore has enjoyed under manager Joe DiMaggio, the man known as Ray has been the key to the team’s success as a whole. The Baltimore Orioles does not rely on one player to carry them to the playoffs each year. Because of the gritty play of manager Joe Girardi and his all-star line of talented players, the Baltimore Orioles is sure to win the American League East division this year.



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