Borg El Arab Stadium

    The Borg El Arab Stadium is one of the stadiums that most Egyptians do not know about. However, it is a very famous place in Cairo and it is also known as the venue for the national soccer games. It is located adjacent to the Egyptian Museum in the Midan Tahrir square. The stadium was built for an international soccer tournament but later the tournament was relocated to other venues. This article will tell you all about the stadium and its facilities.

    The Borg El Arab Stadium was built exclusively for the International Football Associations (FIFA) tournaments. With a capacity of more than 86 thousand spectators, the venue is well ventilated, has air-con, and has several elevators available for use by physically impaired people, broadcast crew, and those belonging to higher VIP categories. This stadium is also used during the annual international friendly matches between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    The construction of the stadium was started in 2021 and it was completed in early 2021. The venue has one of the largest pitches in Egypt and the largest stadium in the whole of Asia. During its completion, many visitors from all over the world travelled to attend the football matches. In the recent years, many football fans have come to the stadium to watch the football matches.

    Another important thing about the venue is that it is the only one of its kind in the entire Middle East. The majority of the stadiums in the region are of local origin and do not have the capacity to accommodate large number of spectators. Moreover, the facilities offered by these stadiums are not able to meet the requirements of the international football matches. The Borg El Arab Stadium has the largest capacity of all Egyptian stadiums and is therefore considered as one of the best venues for football matches. It has a special feature of holding eighty thousand people for football matches. When compared to other stadiums in the Middle East, it offers a great deal of convenience and comfort to the spectators.

    The capacity of the stadium was one of the deciding factors when choosing the venue for the football World Cup. FIFA or the Football Association of Africa chose to choose such a large stadium for the World Cup as they required a large space for standing and sitting arrangement. It was also necessary for the World Cup matches to be played in countries with large number of fans so that the crowd noise and pressure could be effectively managed. The total capacity of the stadium was therefore determined according to the requirement of the FIFA World Cup.

    The stadium has a well-designed arched seating arrangement and well-lit railings. There are different levels in which the spectators can reach and enjoy the game. There is a main stand where the fans can watch the game while in the middle of the pitch, there is a rose bowl where the football matches are held. The rose bowl was built by the FIFA committee and holds thirty thousand spectators while the capacity in all other sections is less than twenty thousand.

    There are several facilities for the fans. The facilities include an air conditioning facility, a screen house, a digital score board, an audio visual system and a concession stand. This is the largest stadium in Morocco and is being used during the whole year for various tournaments and matches. There are no facilities available for watching the matches from the ground which was why this has become a favorite destination for the tourists.

    The overall infrastructure of this wembley stadium is perfect. The drainage of the ground is good and the temperature is always pleasant. There are no obstacles for the spectators and the field is well-lit. There are a good dining and drinking water facility in the wembley stadium. There is also a television facility where the football fans can watch the matches. The facilities and the general condition of the wembley stadium have made it one of the most popular places for watching matches in Morocco.

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