Estadio Azteca – Home of the Red Devils

    Estadio Azteca is a unique football stadium in Mexico. It is one of the best venues in the country for a match with teams from Europe. When Mexico hosted the 2021 Copa America tournament, the popularity of this stadium hit the roof and it became the venue of one of the most popular events in Mexico. In fact, many people were quoted as saying that they had never been to a match in Azteca and would not go again without including this stadium in their list of matches. This football stadium is designed in a unique style and features a capacity of almost eighty thousand.

    Architect: Pedro Ramirez Vazquez. Owner: Club Internacional De Churros. Opening: 1966; Capacity: 1984, still using the original system of breaking down the pitch into different levels. Estadio Azteca received design by renowned architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez after he had a detailed study of all the famous European stadiums. It also featured a special lighting system which was first used at the San Siro stadium in Italy.

    The structure of this stadium is based on a horseshoe shape, which is also used in other Spanish soccer stadiums such as the Mestas Stadium. It was built on a raised stage on which the players and the audience sit. It also features a seating area of more than three hundred yards making it the second most spacious football stadium in the world. There is also a roof terrace which can be rented for football games, although the fans are not allowed to sit on it.

    When the Aztec Stadium was built, it had no touch line and was therefore a floating stadium. In later years, improvements were made which allowed the team to play with a ball in order to get a feel for the game. This allowed the team to learn how to control the pitch and build their own attack without the help of their neighbors. Improvements were also made in terms of ventilation and lighting so that the fans in the stands could enjoy their visit.

    Fixtures at the Estadio Azteca include both the home and away games. The exact dates and times of these fixtures are published on the official website of the club. During the summer season, the game is played on either a Sunday or Monday night. The away fixture is played on Wednesday night. The home fixtures take place during Saturday afternoon.

    In addition to providing great football views, the stadium also offers great sightseeing opportunities. The stadium is situated about twenty miles from Madrid. Tourists from all over Spain travel to Madrid in order to attend matches at the Aztec Stadium. The stadium is also known as the “Raulin Stadium”. The name Raulin was given to the stadium due to its resemblance to a bull and because of its large size (which is one reason why football fans refer to it as “the big stadium”). The stadium holds eighty thousand spectators.

    The team has won the last four Spanish Cups. The most recent victory was against FC Barcelona. The club’s bench was composed of mainly former players of FC Barcelona such as Henry and Frank Lampard. Right now, the team consists mainly of young players brought in by former coach Tata Martino. One of the stars in the team is midfielder talented youngster Enzo Pazza who plays professionally for Boca Juniors in Brazil.

    The club has also attracted some legendary players from other top European leagues. Two of those that joined the team in the recent summer are Brazilian legends Roberto Carlos and Kaka. The current team also boasts several local celebrities like comedian and actress Antonio Banderas along with rapper and singer Leona Lewis. Other well-known Spanish footballers that have also signed up for the Azteca include goalkeeper Jonathan Bond and defenders Gary Medelas and Cesar Azua.

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