Newlands Cricket Ground

    The Newlands Cricket Ground is located at Newlands, Cape Town. It is a venue for one of South Africa’s most famous domestic sports. The ground is managed by former coach John Entwistle and has seen many famous players like Jacques Kallis and Brian Parkinson. It also hosted the world cup in 1996. It is one of the oldest and most successful grounds in the country.

    The Newlands Cricket Ground is known to be home to some of the finest cricket teams in the world including the Netherlands, West Indies, England, Ireland and New Zealand. The International Cricket Stadium has a capacity of about eighty thousand spectators and is a part of the Destination One package. It was built after the IPL was introduced and is being managed by an independent commercial operator. It has been reported that about thirteen thousand people a year attend matches at the ground.

    The ground is also host to many international events and is a popular venue for the Caribbean games. There is a small shopping mall and a cafe in the ground. There is a Newlands International airport and charter planes to fly from the airport to the city regularly. Taxis can take passengers to the ground as well.

    About three hundred and fifty permanent seats have been added to the ground since it began hosting international matches. About one hundred and fifty temporary seats were also added after matches. On each end of the ground are two boundary walls with the goal post located at the northern end and the wicket keeping centre at the southern end. There is also a small grass field between the boundary walls. There are also nets and picnic facilities at the ground.

    About twelve teams play on the Newlands Cricket Ground every day. It is the venue for about seventy-five matches. The matches are played between eleven nations and the matches are scheduled to start at noon. The weather at that time of the year is mostly perfect. Rain is usually not present but conditions may become difficult during the evening.

    Many tourists visit Newlands Cricket Ground for the game alone. However, many schools, organizations, businesses and private players make up for the crowd. The ground has two full field sports fields. They are located on the north and the south sides of the ground. These two fields are used mainly for playing cricket. The cricket equipment is stored in the cricket locker facility, which is located behind the desk.

    There is a dining area and a cafe near the ground. In addition, there are a gift shop and an information counter where visitors can ask questions about the team or the ground. This information counter is also available for fans. There is also a media pavilion where television cameras can be accessed. The press box is located near the front desk.

    When a match is due to begin, all fans are notified via text message or e-mail. The last message is sent 30 minutes before the scheduled kick off. All fans are allowed to enter the ground prior to kick off. The match officials also wave them through once inside the grounds.

    The seating arrangement at Newlands Cricket ground is different from other venues. It offers an expanded VIP area including VIP lounge, VIP seats in each side of the ground and club level. The VIP lounges have telephones with long distance numbers, two TVs, a mini fridge and free hot drinks. Club level allows restricted seating and access to reserved areas. There are also emergency exits from the top of the stands.

    The Newlands Cricket ground has an online site that allows fans to track their favorite team’s performance live. The site contains a live blog of the matches and other news. News includes player commentaries and photos. The site offers an emergency site which inform the visitor about a delay or cancellation of the match. This information can be retrieved by clicking on the name of the team or player followed by the update.

    The Newlands Cricket ground has recently experienced an issue with the theft of valuable cricket equipment from the ground. This is the only one of its kind in the country. Some items were stolen during late February, but a replacement was not received until March. These issues are the result of the ground management being in financial difficulty. There is no word on when the ground will open again.

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