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Serena Williams – How To Stay Focused

Serena Williams is an American women’s tennis player and former top world No. 1 in the women’s singles tennis. She has also won 22 Grand Slam singles titles, second-most in the Open Era, making her the most dominant player of all time. She is the first woman to reach the top two in major-league tennis history, following in the footsteps of Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova. She is also the oldest woman to hold that prestigious title.

The mental game of tennis is clearly the edge a Serena Williams has over her opponents. When the going gets tough on the tennis court, Serena is able to use her superior mental game skills to come out on top. If you ask Serena Williams what her secret is, she will tell you that it’s not really a secret. “I think I am a mental player,” she said. “I think I have the ability to focus on the game and keep my focus no matter what.

While Serena is a master of the physical game, mental game is where it all begins and ends for Serena Williams. Even though Serena is not a natural born competitor, her ability to focus and stay focused has allowed her to climb to the top of the rankings. It is this mental game that has allowed Serena to overcome any obstacle put in front of her on the hardwood court. Serena Williams’ success as a tennis player is all about mental game skills. And these are skills that not many can train to obtain.

There are many reasons why Serena Williams seems to be able to do what she does on the tennis court. For starters, she is a naturally gifted athlete that was able to excel in the sports she chose to play. Serena Williams is a great athlete that has been able to excel in all areas of the game. She has been a two-time US Open winner, a four-time Wimbledon champion, a two-time Australian Open winner, a two-time French Open winner, a two-time British Open winner, and a four-time US Open participant. All of these achievements are backed by the consistent mental game that has enabled Serena to compete at an elite level in tennis for most of her life.

Serena Williams’ ability to maintain focus has allowed her to focus on the tennis court, on her technique, and on executing her game plan to perfection. When Serena is not playing a match, she likes to read about tennis techniques and strategy. She studies books, online tutorials, even video tutorials from pros, to learn the ins and outs of the game. When Serena is playing, she gets so involved with every move that sometimes concentration is hard to maintain.

Even though Serena is a professional athlete, one can still have the ability to maintain focus while competing. This skill can come into play while playing a practice or even a game, if it’s necessary. If it is necessary, then Serena Williams can take a break and not worry about the outcome of the game. At times Serena seems like she will immediately focus on the next shot, but then takes a break and concentrates on the technique that she is using to hit that shot. This can be extremely beneficial because at times Serena has trouble focusing on a particular technique and can lose concentration and make mistakes when trying to execute that technique.

Having the ability to keep concentration while Serena is on the tennis court is beneficial for Serena as well. When Serena is focused on the game, she can execute better shots because she doesn’t think about what could happen. Instead, she keeps her head up, aware of the game plan, and ready to execute the best swing possible. A big part of playing well is keeping your mind open, but Serena has found it very difficult to do this, especially when she is playing in a tournament. Serena has mentioned in the past that she is a victim of stress and that getting too caught up in winning can cause mental blocks, which keeps her from concentrating on the game.

Being mentally focused while playing a game of tennis can be a benefit to anyone. It is imperative that Serena has the ability to stay focused on the game because if she does her chances of winning are greatly improved. Serena is currently ranked number three in the world and she is on the road to reclaiming her maiden ATP title. Having the ability to maintain mental focus while playing can allow Serena to be the player that she wants to be.



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