The Road Ahead For Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic is a Serb athlete from Serbia who is a two-time Grand Slam winner. He is ranked No. 3 in the world according to the ATP World Tour circuit. Djokovic won the US open title for the first time in his career and is also the only man to win a French open and a Wimbledon title in the same year. He currently leads the points lead with 4 ahead of Stanislav Kuznetic of Russia and Gael Lopez of Spain.

    Novak Djokovic started playing professionally at the age of 14 in the United States. He played for the Montreal Mafia, a team headed by John Daley. This helped him develop his serve and defensive game. After leaving the Mafia he went on to play for the Balkan Bears in the ITF World Team Series. This helped him win six out of seven matches and secure a place in the grand slam final.

    At the start of the century Djokovic was regarded as one of the favourites to win the Australian open and US open, but he lost both these tournaments to Andre Agassi in what was considered a surprise defeat. However, he then managed to retain his number one ranking spot behind Pete Sampras of Romania in the US open final. After that he was close behind eventual winner, Kim Clijsters, in the Wimbledon final.

    Novak Djokovic likes to play on grass, something that he does particularly well. However, he is an unconventional player, often hitting an overhead smash in order to get the ball off the ground. He also likes to hit ground strokes with the tennis forefoot. Djokovic’s game is dictated largely by the set plays, where he will hit a lot of ground strokes with an overhand serve, but also hit an overhead smash once in a while. Novak Djokovic also has some great defensive skills, which he uses to his advantage when playing the net play.

    Djokovic’s game plan is very unique and very different from the others. He tends to play on the edge, looking to pressurize the other side into making mistakes. The Serb loves to attack the other side’s forehand with volleys, but he also seems to be able to play a nice backhand down the line as well. When Djokovic gets to the net, his game plan becomes very complicated and he may start to attack the other side’s backhand side with the forehand. It is this complex game play that makes Djokovic a great competitor.

    As a tennis beginner, I do not have any doubt that Novak Djokovic will be one of the best players in the world at the beginning. He has the above average physical skills, the mental edge, the athleticism, the tennis skills, and the mental capacity to become a top player in the future. But just like the rest of us, it will take a while for him to fully adjust to the pressure of being a professional athlete. He might end up surprising everyone and winning the biggest tournament in his career.

    I see Djokovic as a great competitor. I think he has the talent and ability to be a great all-around player on both the offensive and defensive ends. Djokovic can play a good defense, good offense, and be a good, solid all-around player. His greatest asset is probably his strong work ethic, which allows him to persevere through a rough patch of tennis. He knows what it takes to win, so he is not afraid to lose to stay in the competition.

    All-in-all, I think Novak Djokovic will make a major impact in the sport of tennis for years to come. He has the above average skills to be a top all-around player, the work ethic to excel on both sides of the court, and the strength to win at any given time. The sky is the limit for this talented player who looks like he could be one of the game’s greats. It won’t be easy for him to make it to the top as other players rise to the challenge of becoming a top player. But with hard work and the correct training, I think Djokovic will make his mark on the tennis and hopefully be around for many more years to come.

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